Introducing Our New Hazardous Waste Services

Biomedical Waste Disposal is proud to announce our Hazardous Waste Services— to keep you in good standing with the state of California by helping you stay environmentally compliant; with Haz-Mat Storage, Removal, Manifesting, Labeling, and record keeping tasks.

Penalties for mishandling hazardous waste can be detrimental to a project or business, choosing Biomedical Waste Disposal ensures you can keep moving forward as planned with as little down time as possible. We understand not all situations call for industrial equipment, but we are prepared if it does. That is why we provide our clients with a wide variety of service options to handle jobs of all sizes. From regulation-standard bins to store corrosives, to full- sized industrial vacuum trucks for the big messes; we have you covered!

What’s more, customers who combine our new Hazardous Waste Services with our other services have the opportunity to save. Contact us to learn more!

Introducing Our New Shredding Service

Biomedical Waste Disposal is pleased to introduce its new Shredding Service—a secure and cost-effective way to dispose of confidential documents and archival materials to help our customers remain compliant with confidentiality regulations.

As the threat of security breaches grows nationwide, Biomedical Waste Disposal continues to seek out innovative approaches to help our customers safely dispose of sensitive documents. We can handle any volume of work, and we recycle to reduce the impact on the environment. Like all our services, the Shredding Service is fast, easy, and convenient.

What’s more, customers who combine our new Shredding Service with our other services have the opportunity to save. Contact us to learn more about the shredding options we offer.

Introducing Our New Digital Manifest System

Our new Digital Manifest System is a service that allows customers to electronically track the status of their medical waste shipments. By significantly reducing the paperwork surrounding waste tracking and record-keeping this digital service helps save time and contribute toward a greener planet.

Upon pickup, customers electronically sign the manifest form and immediately receive a PDF copy of the form via e-mail. Once the hazardous waste is delivered to the waste management facility, customers receive a second PDF confirming waste disposal. The Digital Manifest System uses an encryption method to protect the integrity of data and to ensure that all documents are processed and stored securely.

Our Digital Manifest System went into effect on June 1, 2013. We are excited about our latest contribution to environmental sustainability. Like all our services, the Digital Manifest System is fast, easy, and convenient.